Talc evals

Measure AI performance quickly and accurately

Talc Evaluations outperform humans in fields from finance to healthcare by leveraging your existing knowledge base


Automate AI Evaluation

Stop using humans to manually review AI output. Talc sets up coverage over your entire knowledge base so you can run custom-to-you test cases on every change

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No more waiting for human feedback. Talc evaluates hundreds of test cases in minutes.

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By leveraging your existing knowledge, Talc outperforms human labeling in accuracy

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Domain Aware

From medicine to healthcare, all our datasets are custom to your domain and backed by your data.

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Talc plugs into your existing CI/CD systems so every engineer gets model feedback faster


Frequently asked questions

How can Talc be more accurate than humans?

Human labels are often unreliable, especially in high skill fields. By leaning on the documents and data that already power your company, Talc creates a comprehensive dataset thats always grounded in the truth.

My field is highly complex -- does Talc work for me?

We've replaced human checks in fields from medicine to finance, outperforming doctors and accountants who frankly have better things to do. If you try it out and our data doesn't outperform your existing labels, you can keep the data free of charge!

How fast is feedback from Talc?

Generating a dataset can take anywhere from a few minutes to hours, depending on the size. Evaluations over that data take minutes