Talc data generation

Bring your expertise to a language model

Talc creates a dataset grounded in facts from your knowledge base, producing data more accurately than human labelers.


Trusted across industries

Talc specializes in producing data when traditional methods are slow, unreliable, or costly

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Stop using doctors to write rows of data. Customers use Talc to generate labelled training data for entity extraction and classification in a medical context.

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Customer Support

We reinforce brand guidelines by creating custom post-training data for every content policy. This allows brands to bring their unique voice to their customer facing models

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Finance & Accounting

Generalist AI perform well in simple scenarios, but our customers are using Talc to give AI specialized domain specific knowledge in niche areas of finance.


Frequently asked questions

How do I trust that the data is high quality?

See it for yourself! We work with each customer through a defined trial period until they are happy with the data quality. If it's not up to par, you keep the data free of charge.

Is it really better than humans?

Synthetic data has limitations, but it's almost always possible to outperform unskilled data labelers. We've found that it also outperforms experts in many scenarios, especially in the diversity of data.

How much data can you generate?

Our datasets range from hundreds of samples to hundreds of thousands, depending on customer needs.

Are you hiring?

Reach out to founders@talc.ai if you're looking for a role.